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Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg CastleLocation
In the city of Heidelberg, Germany

Built in: 13th century (gradually transformed from a fort into a castle)

Explanation of the name
Named after the city the castle is located, Heidelberg.


1225 First mention of Heidelberg as a "Castrum"
1303 Mention of a second fort on the Molkenkur
1537 The Molkenkur fort is destroyed by lightning
1610 Addition of Castle Gardens (Hortus Palatinus)
1622 Tilly conquers city and castle
1649 Renevation of the Schlossanlagen
1688/89 Castle damaged by French troups
1693 More damage during the "Pfälzischen Erbfolgekrieg"
1697 Renovation starts
1720 Relocation of residence to Mannheim
1742 Renovation starts
1764 Damage by lightning
1810 Graf Graimberg dedicates himself to the conservation of the castle ruins
1860 First castle lighting added
1900 Restorations and additions to the castle